When to Die in League of Legends

Article posted on Wednesday, February, 6th, 2013 at 9:33 am

League of Legends Death

I have been playing a fair bit of League of Legends lately and have noticed a lot of the more unskilled players I play with having some trouble with something…. KNOWING WHEN TO DIE. Naturally the ideal situation is to never die, win all your games handily and maybe you do that. This post is not for you then. For the player who might just have to carry that 0/5 Draven in the bottom lane, then each and every life or death is precious, and sometimes knowing when it is acceptable to die can be the difference between winning and losing. Below I have compiled a list of times I feel it might be acceptable to die and some commentary to support my reasoning.

  1. In defense of a turret or Inhibitor – This is one of your best times to make a comeback if the tides of battle are not in your favor. When defending a turret it is a good idea to clear the minions out from under it as fast as possible to force a dive. This will create a damage advantage for you of a varying magnitude depending on the champion level and tankiness of the diver. If you are going to give up a death in a League of Legends game this is going to be one of the very few times it is ok. Just make sure your death means something. Don’t be the dive target that gets insta nuked under the turret. If the enemy team groups up and starts hammering on your turret though, sometimes you may need to flash into them drop a devastating AOE ultimate on them and let your team follow up with some additional damage to send the enemy team back for recalls in order to preserve your base’s defenses and buy some precious farming time for the survivors. If you are one of the last remaining team members after an unsuccessful defense, don’t try anything heroic. Just harass from long range and focus on not getting killed to slow down the enemy advance until your teammates can re-spawn. I see way too many people give up a needless ace jumping on a feeding bandwagon.
  2. Defending Dragon or Baron – 190 gold for everyone on the enemy team is no trivial amount of gold. Neither is the steroid buff that baron provides. These monsters must be warded and contested. Do not go in on a 1v5 suicide mission, but if you were to have a death in a team fight contesting these monsters, it would be deemed an acceptable time. If you do find yourself in a situation where you are the only person in a position to defend the monster. Try to watch the monsters health and do a suicide ninja kill. Coming in with the monster at 1-5% health left to smite or ult it and ninja the kill in order to prevent the enemy team from taking it is worth it every time. There was a quarter final game for the professional qualifier at the beginning of season 3 recently where a Nocturne used his ult to fly into baron and ninja the kill for his team. The buff gave the team that extra boost which allowed them to win the team fight with an ACE, and win the game in come from behind fashion.
  3. Shutting down the enemy teams fed champion – In certain instances, and with certain champions it might be a good idea to perform a suicide kill on the enemy teams AD or AP carry if they are fed and truly carrying. A good example of this would be an ashe ulting the enemy teams carry from range. You as a Warwick then jump in an follow up the ult with your own suppression ult an ignite along with everything you have. Your team starts pumping in damage to kill that person in the short stun window before they can flash out of range and escape. But boom! The enemy team blasts you, the Warwick, away to punish you for diving. You have died, but now have created a 4v4! Guess what, that person was carrying the team and your team now holds the advantage in the remaining 4v4 battle. Your team aces with 2 people remaining alive and you push the two middle towers in the time before the enemy re spawns. That was a good death!
  4. That tempting shutdown bonus – A shutdown bonus is worth 500g, that’s A LOT of gold. If you can kill someone on a killing streak without putting your turrets/team in danger by dieing, then it is definitely worth it to suicide kill for a shutdown bonus. It may even be worth it to die to kill pass a shutdown bonus to your AD carry while taking the assist and the death. This type of play is very situational and requires weighing the consequences of your action. A suicide death for a shutdown bonus is not worth it if you hand a shutdown bonus for the kill streak you might be on to someone on their team. Make sure your death creates a gold advantage of some sort from the transaction. Also make sure the gold is going to the right people. You don’t want to suicide death for a shutdown bonus on their AP mid if their also fed AD carry is going to get 300g off you for dieing. Try to do this in a situation where their 1/4 top lane bruiser who isn’t much of a threat anyway gets the kill.

Their may be a few other situations where dieing is acceptable, but these are just some of the most core ones. The others require more advanced knowledge of the game and will be based on experience. If you have any comments or something you would like to add, feel free to drop them below. As always, thanks for the support.

- The Rage Quit Baddie Team