COD, Call of Duty Rages


A couple of Call of Duty Rages never hurt anyone right? Seriously though Call of Duty can be one of the most frustrating games at times. Between quick scope RNG, exploiters on PC, and the occasional lag spike at a crucial moment before you land that kill streak is it any wonder these COD gamers were sent over the deep end? Continue Reading

Rage: World of Warcraft Account Loss


Ever had your World of Warcraft account hacked? Well needless to say it can be a frustrating experience. For those of you who have leveled a character up to max level (without botting), you know that the time lost for an account ban or parents/girlfriend aggro can be quite disheartening. Most of us realize that its just a game and that the world will spin on. Most of us anyways. The selection of folks below couldn’t seem to handle it though. Continue Reading