Gangplank, new silver meta top laner.


Gangplank is a terrible champion, he has very low CC, no gap closer, is highly susceptible to split pushing, can easily get poked down in team standoffs, and really is kind of squishy since he has limited disengage. However he is now my new top laner of choice in silver solo que for a couple of reasons. First of all his level 1 is godlike, his Q has a low cooldown, low mana cost, and hurts a deceptive amount. He also has a high base health at level 1, enough to take about 1 more attack than other champions in a straight up 1v1 pre-minion spawn brawl. A big component to winning games in solo que is about snowballing out of control in lane in order to go help people win their lanes or just push and put general pressure on the map. What better level to start beating up people than level 1? Continue Reading..

When to Die in League of Legends

League of Legends Death

I have been playing a fair bit of League of Legends lately and have noticed a lot of the more unskilled players I play with having some trouble with something…. KNOWING WHEN TO DIE. Naturally the ideal situation is to never die, win all your games handily and maybe you do that. This post is not for you then. For the player who might just have to carry that 0/5 Draven in the bottom lane, then each and every life or death is precious, and sometimes knowing when it is acceptable to die can be the difference between winning and losing. Below I have compiled a list of times I feel it might be acceptable to die and some commentary to support my reasoning. Continue Reading

Kill this Boss

A hilarious comic about playing video games at work.

kill this boss

Go Play Outside

game humor

Don’t Feed the Troll


I will admit trolling has been one of my favorite activities about video games since before there was a term for it. In gaming culture trolling refers to trolling for a reaction. This is usually someone who throws out bait statements that are false or offensive in order to induce a reaction. If you need a most basic example, think back to the last time someone crouched near your head after death the last time you played a Halo game. Teabagged! Or what about the guy in game chat who starts calling people noob for no reason? Continue Reading

Halloween Pumpkins Video Game Fans Style


Its that time of year, people are preparing their costumes and old scary movie classics like The Exocist are making their TV comebacks once again. Halloween is upon us and what better way to celebrate than to get a pumpkin and carve some cool shit in it right? Where did we even get this tradition anyways? Its a little odd, very fun, but definitely a little odd. Well I did a little research and came up with the following: Continue Reading

Delta 6 FPS Controller, A Gun Controller


When it comes to first person shooter games, designers of controllers have been pushing to enhance your experience. So far, none have come close to the speed and accuracy of the old mouse and keyboard. But, where is the realism in the mouse and keyboard. Enter the new Delta 6 controller.

With the growth of online multiplayer console gaming, the FPS category has the hottest and largest releases of each year. The controller options have grown and there are many, bringing more realism to the game. Yet, the way you use the controller is still basically the same. Kotkin Enterprises steps in with the Delta 6. This controller is shaped like a gun and can turn into multiple guns. You can take a way or add different parts to this controller, changing it from an assault rifle into a sub machine gun into a sniper rifle. The buttons for play are located on the hand grip. The Delta has most of the things that you would see on a real gun, including a sighting scope that activates when it touches your cheek and a silencer. The controller is made of plastic but it looks real. Continue Reading

Video game humor, Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style

Korean pop star Park Jae Sung also known by his stage name Psy took the world by storm with his international hit Gangnam style. Despite the song being sung in Korean, it spread wildly through pop culture in English speaking nations due to its high society feel, memorable dance moves, and zany antics that range from singing on a toilet, to stalking yoga chicks with a mighty roar. If you have not seen the video I have included it below. Continue Reading

Romney Binders Full of Women Pokemon

Binder Full of Women

A Rage Quit Baddie Original! Continue Reading

Shit Gamers Say, A Video Selection

Shit Gamers Say Header

The shit people say meme didn’t start with gaming, it started with a video entitled Shit Girls Say , and if the internet can be believed a popular twitter feed inspired the video. Shit Gamers Say was not excluded however, so never fear. The Shit Girls Say meme spawned several viral videos with views over a million on you tube in just days. Some of those videos today have several million views not even a year later. The Shit X Says meme covered things like: toddlers, rednecks, college freshman, asians, New Yorkers, whipped guys, single girls, frat guys, and everything in between. If there was a race, religion, gender, and socio-economic background combination that can be thought of, chances are they were made fun of in a Shit People Say video. Gamers however were not left out of the popularity wave that the Shit People Say meme brought on, and some great Shit Gamers Say videos were born. Today we are bringing you a selection of those videos. Definitely check out the Shit Gamers Say To Their Girlfriends. Enjoy, and as always thanks for the support.
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