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Why smartphones may never completely replace dedicated mp3 players

Although today’s smartphones are starting to bring convergence of multiple devices into a single one very effectively, there are several reasons why the dedicated counterparts of these devices would never die out. Here we discuss the matter with regards to an important feature of today’s smartphones, namely its music playing capabilities.

mp3 players

An alternative music player

Mobile phones with fully functioning music players started to gain popularity since the introduction of Sony Ericsson’s Walkman series in 2005. The first phone in the Walkman series was the W800i which brought along several groundbreaking features including a 512MB memory card that was considered to be quite capacious at the time of release. It also included comparatively very high quality earbuds in the retail package which helped it further in being a very capable music device.

Since then, all smartphones sold today can function as very good music players. However, these devices have still not contributed to the demise of dedicated music players as the iPod and the Walkman devices are still selling strongly. There are several reasons for this. First of all several people do not have any interest in smartphones and cannot justify paying a premium price for the device when all they want is a simple cellular phone and a music playing device.

Music phones held back by proprietary standards

Handset manufacturers also initially slowed down the progress of the mobile phone’s music playing function by restricting the phones to their own hardware. An example would be Sony Ericsson’s FastPort which only allowed their own accessories to connect to the device directly. However, they still provided an adapter with their Walkman Phones for connecting other earphones.

mp3 players

Samsung on the other hand was even stricter. It provided proprietary ports on its successful Samsung Star handset and also did not provide an adapter for the device. As a result consumers were forced to use Samsung’s low quality earphones if they wanted to listen to music. Nowadays nearly all companies have opted for 3.5mm jacks, but the damage was already done by the previous generations of mobile phones.

Subject to rough and blind usage

Many consumers subject their music players to substantial abuse when they listen to songs during workouts. These devices are subject to sweat as well as damage from hitting other surfaces. Many such users go for cheap music players like the iPod Shuffle instead of an expensive smartphone.

Users also prefer the buttons on MP3 players rather than the touchscreens of today’s smartphones. There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all the device does not need to come out of the pocket to change the volume or the track which enables blind usage and secondly smartphone screens can get very smudgy when they are handled with sweaty hands.

Nokia 7210

Nokia 7210 : Shining gem in big range of Nokia phones

Nokia 7210 supernova is one of the toughest players in the big world of latest mobile phones. Experts have created this handset with great care using intelligent multimedia features. It carries all modish features and you will never feel lack of any helpful aspect. This facet is great and makes it a best device to keep in pocket. All such features are easy to use and stay ready to serve with simple pushes on keypad. Aside from simple functionality, high efficiency and great performance of these features are commendable. Thus several dedicated devices like high quality imaging device, nice audio-video player and perfectly made communication device stay in pocket with 106 x 45 x 10.6 mm of size and 69.8 g weight.


Clear voice to chat freely

Nokia 7210

Communication is a wonderful experience with this device as it is compatible to work with 2G GSM 900/1800/1900 Network service. This handset boasts loudspeaker and 2.5 mm audio jack to communicate keeping both the hands free and enjoy stored audio files. As compared to other devices, its 2.5 mm audio jack is small in size but capable enough to enjoy songs and communicate with crystal clear sound.

Fascinating entertainment

Multimedia facility of this device that ideally works as MP3/eAAC+/WMA player and MP4/H.263/H.264 player makes it so famous among entertainment lovers because this feature helps to kill boredom in free time. Viewing quality of its 2-inch QVGA display deserves respect because this screen is assisted by 240×320 pixel resolution supporting up to 262k colours. For additional benefit, this handset carries stereo FM radio with RDS that tunes all radio channels without any problem. This facility is so alluring because radio channels play every latest album for listeners as soon as they come in the market.

Astonishing photography

Nokia 7210

Not a single memorable moment of life goes away from you because its 2 megapixel camera with 1600×1200 pixels resolution and 4x digital zoom captures bright photographs as well as records attractive videos with QCIF@15fps format. Do not take tension to secure photos and videos because its 30 MB internal memory expandable up to 2 GB via microSD card automatically stores captured moments. You will feel delighted to know that recorded moments do only not stay safe with this handset but can also be shared or transferred with other instruments via bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP and USB v2.0 microUSB connectivity features. It is such a great aspect as you do not need to spend money to share with dears.

Long-lasting battery for great fun

Standard BL-4CT Li-Ion 860 mAh battery of this handset let enjoy every exercise for hours. After one full recharge this long-lasting battery provides standby time up to 288 h and talk time up to 5 h 40 min. Users like to invest on this handset because its Symbian Series 40 user interface brings the convenience of


Motorola Razr Maxx

Motorola Motosmart – The Android Phone in your Budget

Can you define Motorola handsets? The answers will be like that, it is a world-class mobile maker brand which makes mobile phones for the professionals as well entertainers. The brand has various ranges like smartphones, Android phones, camera phones, musical phones and lots more. This is the fact that within a few period of time, this small brand has gained so much accomplishments and still getting laurels.

moto g covers

Now, recently Motorola has launched its new gadget with the name, Motorola Motosmart. By saying that it is a new phone and well-packed with several features and runs on the new technology will be total in-justice to it. As with the name it suggests that, this is a smartphone which works as a smart guy. An interesting gadget in your hand or in your pocket can make you feel proud to be an owner of a fantastic and new technology phone.

It is sure that all must be curious to know about the features or specifications which make this phone so special. So hold your breaths and get ready to welcome this new comer in the list of Motorola mobile phones.

  • First of all it is one of the most affordable Android handset which uses Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system and could be upgraded with the latest Jelly bean Operating system.
  • Its availability at the reasonable line rental, allows all budget users to fulfil their dreams of keeping an Android phone within their budget.
  • With the dimension size of 116 x 63.5 x 11.2mm and weight 115g, it comes under the category of the slimmest handsets.
  • Its display screen measures 4.0 inches which can perform at a resolution size of 480 x 320 pixel resolution. Apart from these, you can view your photographs and can perform better and at great speed.
  • For high performance, it comes with is a Qualcomm MSM7227 processor which is clocked at 600MHz. Along with these, it comes with the internal memory storage of 165MB, expandable up to 32GB through a microSD card.
  • To make your life simpler, the software MotoSwitch can keep your favourite songs, friends and applications in its memory and keep close to the home screen.
  • Its 3.15 mega pixel camera allows photography lovers to click and share where they want.

Motorola Motosmart contract phone deals are best option for all those, who keep the desires to own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S but due to its high price all could not afford. Now there is a great opportunity for all to get this phone deal at easy monthly line rental with major network services providers like Vodafone, O2, Orange, O2 and T-Mobile. Now don’t wait for any other new mobile phone deal, get set go to grab it.

Motorola Razr Maxx

Microsoft created the Windows Mobile 7 platform as a way to unify all of its individual users on its other platforms in one common place. Thus it has added Xbox Live functionality as well as Microsoft Office integration into the platform. However Microsoft is facing a problem with either targeting the platform at power users or casual users. There are several different virtues of the platform that lead to this identity crisis.

Too simple for gadget heads

Gadget heads are the power users. These people felt that the tiled approach used in Windows Phone 7 as well as the lack of several important features, notably that of multitasking, was not suitable for them and most of them did not bother purchasing newer hardware just to check it out. Along with that there is currently very little choice with Windows Phone 7 phones as only about a dozen models have been released to date.

Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 also has some very major limitations. Currently the browser does not support Adobe’s Flash and even Silverlight, which is Microsoft’s own technology. Although Microsoft is working on this front, the demand for the platform is not currently increasing partly due to this reason.

Either to go for usability or features

Windows Phone 7 is stuck between allowing its users to go for maximum features and giving them the most easy-to-operate platform. As Android fulfills the power users’ demands as well as several of the requirements of casual users, and as iOS has also roped in most of the casual users, Windows Phone 7 is stuck in a tight position.

Microsoft learned previously with
its Windows Mobile platform that creating a platform that is very advanced at the expense of usability would lead to failure. Windows Mobile was already very complex and it was dogged by an unintuitive interface that would lead to consumers being stuck in the same process loop for an excruciating amount of time. Although that platform was admired by power users, the lack of consumer-oriented features led to its demise.


Why even higher pixel densities of smartphone displays are useless

Nowadays phones are coming out with very high pixel densities which make it almost impossible to view individual pixels from the naked eye. The human eye can differentiate individual pixels if the display is lower than 200ppi. This resolution was pretty common until a couple of years ago but since then smartphone displays have been improving on that front.


The possibility of seeing individual pixels

However when the resolution is further increased, we need to strain in order to make out individual pixels. After 300ppi, our eyes cannot normally see individual pixels on the screen. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 was released in 2008 and it was the first smartphone to break the 300ppi barrier with a screen of 312ppi resolution. The iPhone 4, released in 2010, also had a 326ppi display. Several other phones are also about to come out with similar pixel densities.

This means that as more and more smartphones on the market have 300+ dpi screens, developing further for even higher resolution displays is useless. A reason for this is that it would not make any difference to users if a screen has 300dpi or 400dpi. Although a difference of the screen resolutions can be seen by using a magnifying glass, it is essentially a useless difference in everyday life.

Higher resolutions of smartphone displays

Smartphone displays are nowadays increasing in size. 4.3 inch and comparative displays are becoming more and more common on smartphones. In order to achieve a high dpi on such a large screen, the resolution has to be a very high one. When 300dpi will be achieved on these smartphone displays, the resolution will already be sufficiently high enough to start taxing the hardware capabilities of the device such as the processing power.

Thus if smartphone displays are further developed and lead to them having even higher pixel densities, the smartphones will perform slowly and this will not really be a worthy trade-off as people would not see the improvements in the display. Thus, once 300dpi has been reached on most smartphones, further improvement of the screen’s dpi is useless.

Currently the fastest processors in the phones already on the market are 1GHz Snapdragons. However there are several more smartphone processors on the brink of release. Several 1.2Ghz Hummingbird processors are also coming up along with the hotly anticipated Tegra 2 dual-core processors. There are several reasons why there is a special need for these faster processors in the future.

Additional smartphone features


There are several smartphone technologies that are getting common by the day and require a pretty powerful processor. An example would be the HDMI port which has started appearing on several phones and requires quite a lot of power in order to transmit high definition video to devices such as televisions. As the time goes by, this feature will become quite common and the devices will be required to run other applications while outputting video.

Until now most of the phones having HDMI can output video at 720p. These phones utilize the current generation of processors and cannot fully output content at 1080p. However newer phones such as LG Optimus 2X, which has a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, can easily output 1080p content to any display. This means the extra horsepower in the processor department is definitely required to run newer technologies smoothly.

More demanding software

As the time goes by, smartphone software is also become more and more demanding. Higher resolution games as well as applications are coming up every day which need extra processing power to run smoothly. Smartphones are increasingly becoming convergence devices and several different software may be running simultaneously on the device such as a GPS app, a music player and another application such as a web browser.

Along with that several device manufacturers have skinned the operating system that they use which slows down performance. Thus these phones need faster processors to run the modified code efficiently. If they modify the user interface extensively without upgrading the processor, the device experience would be a lackluster one.

Newer technologies coming up in mobile phones

Mobile phones will start getting much more advanced technologies when the processors reach the required mark. Ability to play 3D content is near the top of the list. As applications have started appearing on mobile phones for renting and playing movies through cloud storage, device manufacturers will push to get 3D content to work on their devices. This 3D content can be over HDMI or even built in 3D displays. This would require quite a lot of processing power.


Understanding The Generations Of Cellular Data Network

If you use cellphones on regular basis then you must have heard about the Generations of the Cellular data networks like the -1G, 2G, 3G or the most recent 4G. But how many of us really know what it really is? I don’t think that number will be much. But as cellular data network technology is advancing fast we all need to know at least the basics of the cellular data network.

So what does the ‘G’ Stands for? It stands for ‘Generation’. So ‘1G’ stands for the first generation, ‘2G’ for second generation and so on. The latest in this series is the ‘4G’. So how was the 1G network and how did we end up with the 4G network? For this you have to have some ideas on all the generations, features and advantages they had! I have tried to simplify them and I hope it will help you in understanding the generations.

The 1G Network


It is also called the Analog network. As it was the first generation of the cellular data network; whatever it came up with was an advantage at that time but it had some real problems too, that was only understood after its introduction.

The 1G used a narrow band of the analogue mobile network that only dealt with voice calls and utilized the maximum bandwidth causing more power consumption. Greatest disadvantage of 1G was that, you only had the permission to contact a person after the particular nation permitted you to! Higher powered radio signal of it required greater battery power meaning shorter battery life and much larger batteries. At that time latest technologies such as GPRS were also not available. The sound quality was poor while having voice calls and there were greater power emissions that posed health issues.

The 2G Network


It was the first Digital cellular data network. A great advancement of cellular technology was achieved by this network. This generation used digital technologies for the first time and it greatly increased the system capacity as from then Digital voice data was compressed and multiplexed more efficiently allowing more voice calls to be packed in the same radio bandwidth. Moreover this system emitted less radio power from the handsets meaning reduced cell size and accumulation of increased number of cells in the same amount of space.

It also had some advantages like Lower Radiation emission ensuring health concerns. Its Digital network opened new windows for the introduction of digital data services like SMS and email. After it was introduced there were reduction of fraud as with analog systems it was possible to have two or more “cloned” handsets that had the same phone number. 2G network supported phones ensured better privacy. 2G phones are immensely more private than 1G phone, which have no protection against eavesdropping. The 2G network also ensured calls to be free of background noises.

It also had some disadvantages too. Like sometimes Digital signals failed to reach the tower where the 2G system was developed on higher frequencies but this problem was not seen in 2G systems developed on lower frequencies. The 1G network had a slight advantage for having a smoother decay curve as it would not fail completely and it would worsen slowly. But for having a jagged steppy curve the digital system failed whenever the system is slightly worse.

The 3G Network


The 3G networks changed the definitions of the cellular data networks and it brought some revolutionary changes to the cellular data network that previous generations failed to bring. In 3G the bandwidth and location information available to 3G devices gave rise to applications not previously available to mobile phone users. It was after the introduction of the 3G networks that we have heard for the first time about the Mobile TV, Video on Demand, Video Conferencing, Tele-Medicine, Location Based services. So let’s learn about these great technologies.

Mobile TV– Using this great technology the service provider just redirects the signal of the TV channel to the subscriber’s phone and then the subscriber can enjoy the TV on his or her mobile where ever he or she was.

Video on demand– Here your demanded movie or music will be sent to the user’s handset letting him enjoy the comfort of getting whatever he or she wants to be entertained with.

Video conferencing– Another ground breaking technology made it possible to have a voice conversation and see each other like you are talking face to face.

Location-based services– Here your service provider will send you localized weather or traffic conditions and other information’s you want to have before moving to that place.

The 4G Network


This being the latest cellular data network possesses some exciting new features for the users. Though developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh still awaits the 3G network; Developed countries like the Norway and Sweden have entered the world of the 4G on 19th December of 2009. The 4G network offers some unthinkable features like reading Multi-Media Newspapers, watching T.V programs with the clarity that of an ordinary T.V.  As you may already know that 4G cellular system must have target peak data rates of up to approximately 100 Mbit/s for high mobility such as mobile access and up to approximately 1 Gbit/s for low mobility such as nomadic/local wireless access, according to the ITU requirements this 4G system is also expected to provide a comprehensive and secure all-IP based solution where facilities such as IP telephony, ultra-broadband Internet access, gaming services and HDTV streamed multimedia may be provided to users.

So, I hope after all these discussions on the cellular data network, all of you have some basic ideas about the generations of the network. Now if you feel more interested you can go for the technical details of these generations but no one can now say that you don’t understand the basics of the generations of the cellular data network!

Things To Know Before You Buy A Samsung Mobile Phone

Purchasing your dream phone can be an emotional and nerve-wrecking experience, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Shelling out so much money for a mobile phone is not as easy for people who are not extremely rich as it is for those who have real estate and big businesses. Mobile phone in Kenya comes from not only the big brands of the world but small ones as well. Samsung, LG, Apple, HTC, Huawei etc. are the big brands but there are other latest mobile phones from some other companies that can easily come head to head with the best phones of the year.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is the latest mobile phone from Samsung and there is no doubt that this is the best phone that Samsung has made. There is not much of a difference from the previous entry into the same lineup from Samsung last year i.e. Samsung Galaxy S6. However, there are enough things to love this phone. There has been some criticism on the phone too but most of the people have received this best mobile phone from Samsung with a welcoming gesture. Here are some important things you should know about this phone:

The Good Things

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are some of the most expensive mobile phones in Kenya right now. They are expensive not only because they are the best ones from Samsung but they literally beat most of the phones on the market right now. The most amazing, mentionable and proud thing about this new phone from Samsung is that it is water and dust proof. You could leave this phone under 5 feet of water for literally half an hour without any worries. Online water tests have shown that this feature is performing amazingly on the phone.

The next great thing that most mobile phone reviews have talked about is the addition of the removal microSD card on the phone. This particular feature was already there on Samsung phones two years back. However, it was last year that Samsung decided to get rid of that amazing option. People did not really like that thing and Samsung was criticized greatly for that. Finally, the option has been added back to the phone. The SIM card tray also has a slot for microSD card. If you don’t want to use the microSD card, you can insert another SIM in that slot.

While LG is there to great a hard time to Samsung when it comes to camera, and it can be said that overall LG has done better this year, the low light performance of Samsung Galaxy S7 is better than any other phone’s camera on the market. There is absolutely no compromise on outdoor and well-lit pictures too but it’s the low light camera result where it beats its competitors. Therefore, when you buy this mobile phone in Kenya make sure you get to a great spot and take some great shots for your Instagram.

A great thing about the S7 Edge is that it has a bigger battery than ever. The 3600mAh battery is something that people could not have thought of. However, Samsung has done what the consumers had been asking for. The battery on the regular S7 is 3000mAh but the Edge model, which is also bigger in terms of size, carries the bigger battery. Now, spending a full day with your phone will not be a problem at all and in fact you will have some battery left to spend half of the next day as well with this new big battery.

Compared to other mobile phones in Kenya, even the best ones from best companies, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are more beautiful looking phones. There were a few compromises on S6 last year but this year the phone has been brought forward with small tweaks in its design that has made it the best mobile phone of 2016 in terms of looks. Most people have called it the “sexiest” phone of the year because of its looks. So, with some big battery and bright screen, you are also getting an amazingly beautiful mobile phone.

The Bad Things

It is not actually a bad thing that you are not able to offer a removable battery when the battery on your phone is already pretty good. However, there are still people who like to have the option and freedom of being able to remove and swap the battery when they want. This particular option is still missing on this phone. When you are in search of such a mobile phone in Kenya you would want to look at LG. However, the absence of this option has not affected the mobile phone sales for Samsung. The phone is still performing greatly in the market.

The new mobile phone from Samsung does not offer much when it comes to looks despite being greatly beautiful. The big issue here is that the phone is not much different from last year’s phone. In fact, if someone was holding an S6 in one hand and S7 in the other hand just 6 feet away from you, the difference might be a little difficult to tell. In short, at times you might feel that you have not bought a new phone because the changes in design are so subtle from last year’s phone.

The USB Type-C is missing on this phone and this makes the phone lag one year behind. Things are fast moving to USB Type-C because of its speed, convenience and it being the latest standard for USBs in the world. Very soon when you are shopping for a new phone in Kenya you will notice that most phones have USB Type-C on them. This particular USB cable can be inserted in the phone any way you want.  You don’t have to see if you are inserting it the wrong way. It is much faster than old USB standards and allows transfer of data between phones too. Samsung has missed out on it though.

The IR Blaster is another technology that Samsung has been removing from its new phones. While this is not something that you can base your mobile’s purchase on, there are people who love the convenience of using their smartphone as a remote control for their TVs, TV top boxes, Air conditioners etc. What makes it worse is the fact that LG, which is the biggest competitor of Samsung right now, has this amazing feature on most of its new phones. This is another thing where Samsung lacks a bit.

Sometimes your strengths can become your weaknesses and that’s what has happened to Samsung. Samsung has been releasing its new flagship phones with two different processing technologies. On its S7 it has put Snapdragon 820 as well as Exynos processor that Samsung makes itself. The recent surveys and tests have proved that the Exynos chipset from Samsung is faster than the Snapdragon processor. This has put many reviewers, consumers and experts in confusion as to why Samsung would not offer its chipset and processor on all of its phones. For now, you are only able to get this processor on certain units of the same phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Compared To An IPhone 6S

Galaxy VS iPhone

The latest offering from Apple is iPhone 6S and it is also the best phone that Apple has ever made. The specifications on this phone are so perfect that iPhone 6S was able to beat Samsung Galaxy S6 last year in terms of single core performance. When you compare the mobile phones from both the companies you come to realize that Samsung has improved a great deal in last 2 years. In terms of camera performance you can safely say that Samsung Galaxy S7 is the best mobile phone in Kenya.

There are several videos on YouTube where expert photographers have compared the results from Samsung Galaxy S7 camera to iPhone 6S camera. All these experts have come to the conclusion that S7 beats the iPhone in terms of camera. There is no doubt that the world is loving S7’s design so you can say that Samsung has iPhone beat in that area as well. The multi-core performance on the latest Galaxy S7 is also way ahead of the dual core performance from iPhone 6S. Samsung has also improved on single core performance this year.

Another thing where Samsung takes the trophy is the fact that it is waterproof. Many videos have shown that iPhone 6S can also go through the water test for quite some time but Galaxy S7 has taken it from all other phones in that test. Lastly, the world has agreed on the fact that screens on Samsung phones are better than the screens on any other phones on the market. Samsung’s new phone is the best mobile phone on the market today when it comes to display. The AMOLED technology from Samsung is brighter and crispier than any LCD panel on any other phone.

motorola logo


The new Motorola Flipout truly stands out in its design and looks. Unlike many other phones, the Flipout is square in shape with a capacitive touchscreen on the exterior and convenient QWERTY keyboard aesthetically situated on the back of the device. It is extremely light weighing only 120 g. The Flipout comes for free on £25 a month contract or it can be purchased for £250 SIM-free.



  1. Light and easy to carry
  2. Reasonably priced
  3. Efficient integration of contacts from social networking sites
  4. Speedy web browsing
  1. Applications not up to the mark
  2. Inefficient user interface
  3. Redundant widgets


moto flipout large

Where To Buy Motorola Flipout

  • Motorola Flipout Compare Phone Deals

Fair and Square

The Flipout employs Android2.1 operating system thereby giving you the power of installing loads of applications from the Android market. However, Flipout lacks the competency to handle such installations. Further, Motorola has incorporated its own user interface for Android, Motoblur to enrich your messaging and networking experience. It has live widgets throwing up updates from social networking sites like Facebook and twitter on the homescreen. And you have the option of limiting your updates by filtering the information that gets streamed. One distinct disadvantage is that some widgets don’t perform well on the small screen.

Motoblur is adept at filling your address book by integrating your contacts from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Bebo, and MySpace with your Google account. Trust this feature and you’ll never lose your phone book. Further, you can view or edit your documents or Excel sheets or PowerPoint by using its Document Viewer.


Situated on the back of the phone the QWERTY keyboard does not occupy more space and hence, you can easily tuck it in your palm. The keys are large and well-spaced eliminating scope for typos. The keyboard is a treat for people who prefer to type than chat. And for those conversationalists, the noise-cancelling feature makes you all the more audible.

No grousing with browsing


Browsing on the Flipout will be an enriching experience with Android’s amazing browser with Flash Lite support, HSDPA connectivity and swift Wi-Fi deftly working together. Your ride through Google maps is simplified with street view, A-GPS and digital compass support. Music lovers, here’s good news for you. The Flipout’s media player offers built-in features from TuneWiki. It deftly pulls out albums from the web and finds the lyrics too. Now you can put an end to humming and proudly sing along.


Watch the video of Motorola Flipout


Performance increases coming from better processors and GPUs

This is going to be general trend for the top-end smartphones that will be released in 2011. More dual-core handsets will be released in the coming year and these will offer significant performance increases over the previous generation. Along with that phones coming in 2011 will also moistly have dedicated Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) so that performance of applications such as video games will increase. Along with that the app stores of different platforms, such as Android Market for Android and App Store for iOS will also undoubtedly expand considerably.

Popularity of video games increasing

Motorola Luge 3

The popularity of video games for smartphones will also increase in 2011. When the repeatedly leaked PlayStation Phone from Sony Ericsson will release in 2011, the interest of consumers in gaming on their phones will also increase significantly. Along with that another increasingly popular feature in high end smartphones is the inclusion of an HDMI-out port. This outputs High Definition video directly to your HDTV and eliminates the use of transferring pictures and/or videos to your computer first-hand.

An year consumers should be looking forward to

All in all, 2011 is surely going to be a great year for the smartphone consumers of today. As competition keeps on increasing, the prices of older but still competent hardware keep on falling. A prime example would be the iPhone 3GS, which is pretty inexpensive today compared to last year. Along with that when the next model of the iPhone releases in 2011, the price of the iPhone 4 would decrease significantly, making an already very good device accessible to even more consumers.